VAV Electronic – Wall Bulkhead



The Rickard Wall Bulkhead Diffuser offers all the advantages that you would come to expect from a Rickard VAV diffuser, in a package to suit applications where there are restricted ceiling voids or where fully-covered ceilings are not available. As the name suggests WBDs discharge supply air into the conditioned space from either a sidewall or bulkhead.

Rickard WBDs control Room Temperature by adjusting the volume of air at the diffuser outlet. By changing the diffusers exit geometry, Coanda, Air Velocity and Throw is maintained at minimum and maximum volume. This technology prevents cold air from dumping at minimum, ensures excellent ventilation, air mixing, Air Change Effectiveness (ACE) and therefore thermal comfort (ADPI). Rickard VAV diffusers reduce pressure loss in the system due to their aerodynamic design and the absence of restrictions in the duct work.

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