MLM Wall CO2 Ventilation Controller


The Rickard MLM Wall CO2 Ventilation Controller has been designed to control CO2 levels at a specific CO2 Setpoint and give CO2 feedback to the BMS at a fraction of the price of traditional CO2 systems. This is made possible by integrating CO2 control with Rickards MLM system. The CO2 Ventilation controller senses CO2 levels and controls the volume of air by modulating the damper of the VAV diffuser.

If required, airflow volume measurement at each diffuser is possible. Airflow sensing modules that fit into the neck of the diffuser are available as an option.

Since only CO2 is being controlled, the diffuser will not control temperature. In order to control temperature, alternate strategies should be considered. Should diffuser temperature control also be required, Rickards Wall CO2 Comfort & Ventilation Controller is also available. For more information on this option please see the MLM Wall CO2 Comfort & Ventilation Controller.

The CO2 Ventilation Controller  converts any slave diffuser into a master so that it can control a zone of up to 15 diffusers. The new design boasts a modern, slim body, a larger digital screen for easier reading and discreet buttons on each side for setpoint adjustment and advanced user control.

To use the CO2 Ventilation Controller functionality fully, it is necessary to ensure you are using the correct control system in the MLM application, that the diffusers are commissioned and you have set your desired CO2 setpoint. The default setpoint is 900ppm