Constant Volume Variable Core Radial Diffusers – RVD



The RICKARD Constant Volume Radial Vane Diffuser with adjustable flow (Type RVD) is primarily intended for buildings where good air mixing is required. They are ideal for installations with ceiling voids in excess of 3.8m and where improved occupant comfort is called for in both heating & cooling modes.

Due to their ability to achieve a rapidly spreading swirl throw pattern with fast velocity decay and high induction rates, these diffusers are best suited to provide high air volume flow rates without drafts at occupant levels. The flow pattern may be adjusted manually with the manual mechanism or automatically with the thermal mechanism between a conical swirl flow pattern for cooling mode to a vertical column with a secondary conical swirl flow pattern for heating mode.

The functionality and affordability of the thermal mechanism makes this option the obvious choice for heating and cooling applications.