Duct Water Heater



The Rickard Duct Water Heater is an energy efficient alternative to traditional neck electric heaters. When hot water (+/- 50°C) is available on site as a by-product of another process like cooling, that water can be used to heat the air supplied to a diffuser through this unit. Since the heated water is already available on-site, energy can be saved. The product is compatible with Rickard’s MLM controls provided the diffuser is fitted with a 24V Interface card to drive the 2-way 24V valve. Electric heat and Duct Water Heaters are best used for the spot heating of zones that aren’t being conditioned adequately by the central air-conditioning system, they are not generally used as the sole source of heating.

The duct heaters have been designed to efficiently transfer the energy of the hot water. To achieve this, it was necessary to make a left and right-hand sided unit with an inlet shoe that faces up the duct into the direction of airflow. A left- or right-handed unit can be ordered or switched to either type on-site.

In order to securely hang the unit from the slab above, four M6 threaded hanger connection points are provided.

For an easy and leak free duct connection, the unit’s inlet has been designed with a 25mm flange. No gasket is supplied. All joints within the unit are sealed to prevent leaks.