Thermal VAV – Linear



When a buildings thermal efficiency is paramount, the ideal solution to limit thermal losses or gains through its exterior is required. The Rickard Thermal Variable Volume Linear Ceiling Diffuser (VLN4/5) is the ideal solution to control a buildings internal perimeter zone. It creates a vertical curtain of conditioned air that acts as a barrier to the thermal load transmitted or lost through the building’s exterior. By using innovative forced induction technology the VLN4/5 accurately senses the temperature and adjusts to precisely meet the demand. Manually adjustable or automatic pattern controllers inside the linear slot direct the air horizontally or vertically as required. Since the VLN4/5 uses a wax filled thermal element to sense and drive the diffuser mechanism, no external wiring or power supply is required. The VLN5 has a cooling only mechanism and the VLN4 has both VAV cooling and heating capability. Change-over between cooling & heating control modes is automatic.

Rickard VLN4/5 diffuser tracks are designed to be joined end-to-end to create uninterrupted lengths of attractive linear track.

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