VAV Thermal – Ceiling


VCD4/5, VRD4/5, VSD4/5

The Rickard Variable Volume Thermo-Disc Ceiling Diffuser is a thermally powered VAV diffuser which contains a built in temperature sensing & volume control mechanism. In appearance the construction of the THERMO-DISC is identical to the popular electronically controlled Vari-Disc range of diffusers, but has the advantage that it requires no external wiring or power supply. The Thermo-Disc is available in two basic options—the Series 5 is a cooling only VAV diffuser while the Series 4 will provide full VAV control in both cooling & heating modes. Change-over between cooling & heating control modes is automatic & is carried out by means of our unique PATENTED thermal mechanism.

Supply air is discharged horizontally in UNIFORM 360º radial pattern while the Variable Geometry feature ensures that adequate room air movement is maintained throughout the full range of volume variation.

All diffusers are manufactured from sheet steel & finished in a chip resistant epoxy powder coating available in a wide range of colours.