MLM Controls – Multi-loop Modular Controls



Even though it is easy to recognize the comfort, control, energy saving and modular benefits of a VAV Diffuser system, the benefits cannot be fully unlocked unless they are integrated with an Intelligent Control System.

MLM or Multi-Loop-Modular Controls were born from over 30 years of VAV diffuser experience and Rickard’s vision to enhance the benefits of VAV diffusion. Comfort can be customised for large zones or specific individuals, powerful diffuser management software gives the user complete control over entire buildings diffusers, intelligent energy saving software and hardware enhances energy savings and the modular benefits of VAV diffusion are maximised to allow complete layout flexibility without adding unnecessary cost.

Rickard’s MLM control system reduces the cost of a BMS connection by decentralizing the BMS access point. Since a single Master Communications Unit (BACnet) connects up to 60 diffusers the cost of connection is reduced considerably.

Rickard’s modular controls also allow hardware modularity, a number of diffuser accessories are available that are easy to fit to a diffuser. Available accessories include on-board temperature control, remote temperature control, top up neck heaters, airflow sensors (for commissioning, airflow trimming and air-conditioning billing calculations) and occupancy sensing that works with our light switching interface and diffuser to switch lights and close the diffuser damper to save fan energy when a zone is unoccupied.

Rickard MLM controls, unlocking the potential of VAV Diffusers.

Rickard Pressure Control Damper with MLM Controls