Return Air Steel Perforated Grille



Rickard Air Diffusion offers a wide range of Return Air Grille types to suit most architectural requirements. Traditional aluminium models and a new pressed steel louvred type (RLV) is now available. Two aluminium styles namely the curved (RCV) and square vane (RSV) are available in round or square. All models are designed to limit the view into the ceiling. The RSV has a modern 45 degree profile, the RCV a more traditional curved vane and the RLV a clean one piece construction. Other options are Egg Crate Grilles in Aluminium (RAE) or Plastic (RPE) and Steel Perforated Grilles (RSP). All Square Rickard Grilles have the option to be ordered with Opposed Blade Dampers for balancing purposes or with filters that are accessible through hinged panels (HF).