Multi-zone FCU Controller



Rickard’s Fan Coil Unit Multi-Zone Controller is more than a traditional FCU controller. As the name suggests, the controller can now be combined with Rickard’s VAV diffusers so that the FCU can handle multiple zones without the need for pressure sensors or dampers. Since the FCU and diffusers are linked through the tried and tested MLM system, the FCU can regulate the fan speed and hence duct pressure from the diffusers average demand.

The benefits of an FCU Multi-Zone Controller over a traditional FCU supplying constant volume diffusers are: 

    • Zones with different loads can be ducted to the same FCU. Individual temperature control and comfortable occupants at every zone.
    • Larger FCU’s and more diffusers can be used to reduce cost.
    • Fan speed matches diffuser demand creating excellent circulation and no dumping at low fan speed.
    • Never over or under condition different zones again.
    • To conserve energy, the Fan Coil Unit Multi-Zone Controller can power down the Fan Coil Unit if the room is unoccupied and/or if a window or door is left open.