MLM Wireless Pod Sensor


The Rickard Wireless Pod Sensor or RF Pod Sensor has been designed to provide accurate room temperature sensing without compromising floorplan flexibility. The Wireless Pod Sensor functions primarily as a remote sensing station and therefore does not come with a display. VAV diffusers with onboard sensing have always had the advantage of flexibility as the built-in sensor and diffuser can be moved together when a floorplan design is changed. Although considerable effort has been made to sense accurately with onboard sensing, inadequate pressure and large temperature differences between supply air and room air in heating can result in stratification and sensing inaccuracies.

Now accurate sensing and diffuser flexibility is possible without the potential inaccuracies of onboard sensing. The Pod Sensor can be placed anywhere in the occupied zone without any disruptions to the building structure or occupant. A wireless sensor pod is also a more affordable, less obtrusive and simpler alternative to a wired wall thermostat.

Every installation requires an Access Point (AP) per Power Supply Unit (PSU). Each AP can communicate with up to 15 wireless wall thermostats and has a range of 50m (radius). Commissioning is made simple with Rickard’s free MLM software and an intuitive thermostat/diffuser pairing procedure. A simple guide is available to get you started.