MLM FCU Wall Thermostat


The Rickard MLM Wall Fan Coil Unit Controller has been designed toΒ  give the user control over his environment by altering the operational mode of the Fan Coil Controller, adjusting the fan speed, setting the setpoint, displaying the space-temperature and causing the Fan Coil Controller to power off.Β 

The Wall Fan Coil Unit Controller utilises four user control buttons, namely, power, display cycle, increment and decrement. These buttons functions are represented by the symbols on the face adjacent the buttons they are associated with as seen in picture below. The bottom left button is used as a power button, this turns the Fan Coil Controller on or off. The top left button is used to cycle the displays. The right buttons are used to increment/decrement a specific value on the current display. Utilising these buttons while on the Space-temperature display causes the screen to jump to the Setpoint display.