Echuca Hospital – Case Study

Echuca Hospital Receives Innovation Award

Rickard product applied in innovative hospital design for Australia!

Last month WSP, won the ‘Excellence in Innovation Award’ for its work on the Echuca Regional Health facility! As stated by WSP they selected the Rickard Variable Geometry VAV Diffusers and built the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning) system around the diffuser network. Next month’s Tech Talk magazine (by Fantech our agents) will have a front page article on Echuca Hospital and the innovations created by using the Rickard VAV Diffusers. A comprehensive 2014 AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating) Awards wrap will feature in the February edition of AIRAH’s Ecolibrium magazine. Alongside this will be an advertisement on Rickard Variable Geometry VAV Diffusers.

Prior to WSP winning the award, the November addition of the Ecolibrium was the following article indicating that WSP and Echuca Hospital where selected as a finalist for the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award.

The Rickard VAV Diffusers helped to create ‘ systems that inherently required less energy to deliver better outcomes’, that ‘designed new airflow patterns across the hospital’ and replaced all the VAV Boxes with Rickard ‘ variable-geometry terminals’. Mark from Echuca Regional Health is very happy with the final solution and has given several good references and has allowed us to bring customers to the hospital.

This is a proud moment for us here at Rickard. Everybody here from design to dispatch contributed to make this a successful installation. Job was delivered to specification, on time, without defects. A special note of congratulations to Fantech, our agent in Australia, and specifically Peter Henry who is the Product Manager for our product.Β