MLM Wall Comfort and Relative Humidity Controller


The Rickard MLM/MLC Wall Comfort & Relative Humidity Controller has been designed to give the user primary temperature control and secondary RH level control to maintain comfort levels and keep RH levels in check respectively. The Comfort & Relative Humidity Controller senses temperature and controls the temperature of the zone by modulating the damper of each VAV diffuser. When the RH value rises above a threshold value, the diffusers open fully until the RH value is brought down to an acceptable level. Thereafter the diffuser returns to primary temperature control mode. The Relative Humidity of the supply air should be lower than the rooms relative humidity for the system to work correctly.

If the diffuser is in RH flush mode, the user can override it to revert to temperature control mode if required. This can be activated by pressing and holding the enter button until the controller buzzes.

The Comfort & Relative Humidity Controller converts any drone diffuser into a master so that it can control a zone of up to 15 diffusers. The new design boasts a modern, slim body, a larger digital screen for easier reading and discreet buttons on each side for setpoint adjustment and advanced user control.

To use the temperature/RH functionality of the Comfort & Relative Humidity Controller it is necessary to activate it through the latest MLM application. You can either setup the system with the wizard (see setup at the end of this section).