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Double Deflection Grilles Performance Data

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Throw data is measured along a perpendicular line from the centre of the grille to the point the air velocity reaches 0.25m/s.

Noise Criteria levels apply to a single grille mounted in a room with a Sound Absorption of 10dB in octave bands with centre frequencies from 125Hz to 8000Hz (i.e. the difference between Sound Pressure Level (dB re:2 x 10-5 Pa) and Sound Power Level (dBW re: 10-12 watts) is equal to 10dB).  These levels represent only the noise generated by the grille and do not take into account any duct-borne noise.

The grilles blades were positioned parallel to the airflow direction..

Performance Data applies to Standard Air having a density of 1.2 kg/m3.