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South Africa is unique in that it uses Variable Air Volume diffusers in the majority of its buildings that are air-conditioned with ducted systems. The alternative that is commonly used abroad is a combination of constant volume diffusers and VAV boxes. The advantage of VAV diffusers are their energy savings, comfort levels and flexibility. A study by an external engineering consultancy shows that VAV diffusers save 20% of an installations air-conditioning energy expenditure and 5% of the entire buildings energy bill. Unlike VAV boxes, VAV diffusers directly affect fan speed and hence energy used when they reduce the volume of air into the conditioned space. VAV diffusers are also able to maintain air movement and comfort levels while doing so.

Case Study

Download VAV Box vs VAV Diffuser Energy Case Study

Supporting Documents

Download Energy Case Study-Energy Cost Spreadsheet
Download Energy Case Study-Duct Cost Spreadsheet
Download Energy Case Study-VAV Box Duct Diagram
Download Energy Case Study-VAV Diffuser Duct Diagram

Rickard Components Go To Space

United Launch Alliance successfully launched the Atlas V 401 rocket carrying the Cygnus OA-7 spacecraft full of cargo which included the batch of 28 nanosatellites from 23 different countries.

Technology Measures Air Pressure

A new technology from Rickard measures air flow at the diffuser and helps to maintain air quality while minimising costs.

Echuca Hospital Receives Innovation Award

Rickard product applied in innovative hospital design for Australia!