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X-Flex (Uninsulated)

Rickard’s X-Flex is constructed to be durable, safe and economical.

The materials, adhesives and rigorous quality, manufacturing and testing procedures ensure X-flex is always strong and safe. Rickard’s X-flex is flame retardant and will cease burning after being exposed to a flame. Rickard’s focus on efficiency ensures X-Flex is economically priced without sacrificing quality.

X-Flex: durable, safe, economical.


Two layers of aluminium foil bonded to a PET layer for strength. Total thickness 30 microns.


1mm spring steel wire


Water-based, Acrylic adhesive. Fire retardant containing no flammable solvents.

A helically wound strip of PET reinforced aluminium foil with a 75% overlap. 1mm spring wire is encapsulated by the foil and glued with a Water-based, Acrylic adhesive. Maximum constructed thickness 60 microns.

The sandwich construction of the PET, foil membrane, combined with a double layer and encapsulated spring wire creates an extremely tough flexible membrane.


Standard length: 10m

Special lengths are available for larger orders. Please contact your local salesman or email sales@rickardair.com.

For use with VAV or CAV supply or extract systems. Rickard recommends maximum lengths between the duct and diffuser of 1.5m. Longer lengths waste energy and result in large static pressure regains when a VAV diffuser damper closes. These high pressures at minimum can result in noise and over cooling.

X-Flex (Uninsulated): Sizes 150-350mm.

Jubilee Clamps: Sizes 150-350mm.